Personal Accidents
With Arope Syria Personal Accidents Insurance plan, enjoy our protection while resting assured.
Guaranteed Worldwide Coverage
• Death due to Accident
• Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident.
Optional Coverage 
Weekly Indemnity:
In the case of total temporary disability to perform work duties due to Accident, and up to a period of 52 weeks. 
Medical Expenses:
caused directly and exclusively by a covered accident. 
• War Risk covering Death only, as caused by Acts of War.
&bull War Risk covering Death & Permanent Disability caused by Acts of War.
Special Conditions   
This insurance plan does not cover Accidents personally inflicted by the Insured on him/herself, Military Personnel, Professional Athletes, people undertaking Risky Hobbies and Airline Crew.
red Age: 18-60 years.   
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