Life Insurance
With Arope Syria Term Life Insurance plan, secure a good life for your family even in the hardest times.
Guaranteed Worldwide Coverage
- Natural Death
- Death due to Accident
- Death due to Sickness
Optional Coverage
Permanent Total Disability:
covering 100% of the Sum Insured if a Permanent Total Disability occurs to the Insured before the age of 65.
Waiver of Premium due to Permanent Total Disability: 
In case of a Permanent Total Disability before the age of 65, the company stops cashing in the Term Life Insurance Contract Premium.
• War Risk covering Death & Permanent Total Disability caused by Acts of War
• War Risk covering Death only, as caused by Acts of War.
• Personal Accidentsv
covering Death and Permanent Total or Partial Disability caused by a sudden accident
Special Conditions 
This insurance plan does not cover Suicide and Death Sentence cases (in its first 2 years), death caused by Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol, Airline Crew members and other special cases
Age: 20 -75 years.
WALADI Program.
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