Motor Insurance

Comprehensive Benefits (All Risks)

Although all motor insurance policies may look the same, "Comprehensive" plan from Syria International Insurance Company /Arope Syria has built-in features which make it superior in many aspects to most other insurance policies available in the market, this reassures our clients, increases their trust in our products and relieves any worries.


It covers any accidental loss or damage caused to your car with exception to scratching and natural risks and named risks only.

  • In case of accident covered by the Insurance, reparation will be inside or outside the agency. The insured will take his/her car as it was before the accident.
  • Syria International Insurance Company/ Arope Syria covers losses incurred due to Fire / total theft/ total loss, and vehicle's own damage.
  • Syria International Insurance Company/ Arope Syria provides a Car Rescue Team (CRT), a free of charge service transportation in case of accident.
  • With Syria International Insurance Company / Arope Syria, you can expand the insurance to cover insurable accidents in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.
  • Syria International Insurance Company/ Arope Syria provides a country-wide network of approved workshops (in addition to Agencies) that will promptly and efficiently repair your insured car.
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