WALADI Program

What should you know about WALADI Program?
  • It is an educational plan with investment for your children associated with life insurance policy to policy holder. Syria International Insurance Company/Arope Syria will continue paying the premium due in case of death or total permanent disability claim has occurred to policy holder.
  • Premium payment starts with SYP 1000 monthly.
  • Age of the child (at entry) may preferably be between one day and 12 years.
  • When the policy reaches the expiry date, Arope Syria pays the invested amount to the Beneficiary.
Why to choose Waladi program?
  • This program can compensate you the educational expenses of your child in university.
  • The invested amount could be settled as one payment or divided into four payments during for 4 years.
  • Payment facility is included.
Extra & Optional benefit:
  • Schooling Fees: Arope Syria guarantee paying your child school expenses starting from SYP 25,000 up to SYP 200,000 yearly in case of policy holder death or total permanent disability claim has occurred.
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