Property Insurance

In order to protect your property against fire and / or Burglary, Syria International Insurance Company/ Arope Syria provides you with all the necessary means to achieve that through the following.

  1. Fire & Allied Perils.
  2. (Small Risks Packages) Policy.
  3. All Risk Property Insurance.
Fired Allied Perils Insurance:

This policy provides indemnity for material damage to the insured property resulting from various perils other than fire such as lightning, explosion, and impact damage, aircraft damage, bursting / overflowing of water tanks / pipes / apparatus, sprinkler leakage, storm, tempest, flood and earthquake. This policy can be extended to more coverage.

Small Risks Insurance (Multi Risk)

Small risks like commercial stores, pharmacies, small storages in today's world is most important point of sale open round the clock to keep ahead of competition, win customers, handle staff & manage the business. To help you manage the risks involved (Arope Syria) have tailor-made this product to cater the requirements of small risks. This policy provides insurance for all kinds of small risks with certain exceptions. The covers by this policy include standard fire & special perils, burglary.

All risk Property Insurance.

This policy offers comprehensive cover for all types of properties etc. against all risks caused by accidental damage except for those specifically excluded under this policy.

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