Life Insurance

With Syria International Insurance Company / Arope Syria Term Life Insurance plan, secure a good life for your family even in the hardest times.
Guaranteed Worldwide Coverage

  • Natural Death
  • Death due to Accident
  • Death due to Sickness
Optional Coverage Permanent Total Disability:

covering 100% of the Sum Insured if a Permanent Total Disability occurs to the Insured before the age of 65.

Waiver of Premium due to Permanent Total Disability:

In case of a Permanent Total Disability before the age of 65, the company stops cashing in the Term Life Insurance Contract Premium.

Special Conditions

This insurance plan does not cover Suicide and Death Sentence cases (in its first 2 years), death caused by Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol, Airline Crew members and other special cases Age: 20 -75 years.

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