Medical Insurance

Syria International insurance Company /Arope Syria, one of the leading Syrian insurance companies, is pleased to introduce health insurance products.

Products have different territorial limits and coverage from SYP 500,000 to SYP 10,000,000 per person per year in 1st and 2nd hospitalization class.

Optional Coverage Out-Hospital benefits including:
  • Medical Diagnostic Tests: coverage depends on product type.
  • Doctor's Visits: coverage depends on product type.
  • Medications: coverage depends on product type.
Maternity Benefits, including:
  • Delivery expenses (Normal and caesarian delivery), In addition to legal Abortion.
  • Pregnancy medications and echographies.
  • Free baby benefit.
Other Benefits:
  • Personal Accidents: Arope Syria will pay SYP100, 000 in case of death due to accident only.
To obtain the general conditions for the individual and family health insurance policy/programme (Haelthy plus) 2024 :
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